End of crapping

Wicrap announcement

Wi feels that this blog had played its role, and its time to move on.

I’ll be moving HERE

Thanks for visiting this site all this while.

I shall try to talk some crap from time to time when I feel so…so, pls do come by from time to time.

Forget me not!

p/s and link my new blog lah//


An eventful graduation

I have so much to tell about this event, but not sure from where to start.

With just abit of experience in event management, yah i organized CNY gatherings before, I was offered the responsibility of organizing a graduation luncheon in KL .

But this is so much bigger. And everything gotto be done online.

Too much to write about if I am going to put everything down.

The most taxing days were the last few days before the event. Things came to a bottleneck, together with my issues with my soon-to-be-employers. The health ministry asked me to report myself in a day before the event. Not helping at all!!

Russian resources called , and called. First by talking in a not-so-friendly-tone. Then with a more face-saving one. Wanted to bring them in , but the places were all set long before. Too bad

But luckily I have a bunch of helpful friends. Anyhow, this is a group event. Lucky for me that the committees are thinking in the same wavelength.

Helmi and his juniors, HQ . You guys need a special mention ๐Ÿ™‚

A sigh of relieve after everything was done.

The feeling of satisfaction comes from nowhere other than the thank yous from friends and their family members. And that alone made all the effort worth it . ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Ok, i know I am being emo. :p

A note to those who are preparing for an event. Please do fill your stomach before it starts, because you wont have the time nor the appetite to eat anything. Its a strecth.

Scratch head post..

I woke up to a normal quiet sunny morning (noon to be exact) the other day. While I was showering, my mother laid an envelope on my bed.

It reads . “Urusan Seri Paduka Baginda” . I stood there for a few second staring at it.

Just a day ago , I was happily telling my friend that I got my offer letter from SPA but yet to get the induction letter from Ministry of Health. And there, I told him I might get the dreaded letter tomorrow , next week or next month.

And here I am,ย  staring at it the following day.

The contents say .. you are invited to join our induction NEXT WEEK!

I think I read that particular line at least 5 times. I just simply cant believe my eyes.

Anyway,on the good side., the efficiency is actually getting better.* Two thumbs up for that.*

And they do provide good service to make sure every participant finds their way to the hotel (in KL) , by providing feeder bus.

You know some people might give an excuse that they are lost in the city and therefore skip the induction.You know…people like…..me *maybe*. Haha.

To make matter worst ,the event I was organizing for the past month falls on the 2nd day of induction.

And work starts once the “honeymoon” induction period ends. Its kinda like giving you some honey before they banish you to the afterlife. OK, that was a joke. :p

Now, I am in the midst of a dilemma of rejecting it (the induction) and risk getting a later entry after all my coursemate becomes my seniors,

BUT! Gain some time to have a break, prepare myself mentally for work , get some experience in other fields ,and broaden my scope of interest and friends.

or …

just face the fact I am not generating any income and I need to support myself the day I ended my study life. The earlier I face that fact, the faster I enter my 40 year contract of “All-work-no-play deal” .

Feels like a worker ant. Wont you ?

*scratch head..

**scratch head……

Hotel or hospital?

The standards of hospital buildings nowadays are getting better and classier , especially the new ones.

One could easily mistaken it as a 3 star hotel.

Mind you, this is a government hospital ๐Ÿ™‚

Was around there visiting a friend.

Being offered

Got my offer letter from SPA (Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam).

Stepping nearer into becoming a government servant. Yes, they use the word precisely. SERVANT!

Never in my dreams would I imagine I’d be in the government sector. But well, everything has a start and I hope I’ll enjoy my work there.

I am going to serve my country. ๐Ÿ™‚

Next would be to wait for another letter from Ministry of Health . That might be tomorrow, next week or next month.

And so, my holidays plan are not as flexible as years before, and that sucks alot!

Tak ade topik punya post

Insomnia night. Cant sleep wei!

Bugged my mum to measure her BP just now as she is hypertensive, and then I measured mine too with the machine. 128/90! Almost to borderline d. Maybe because I was discussing@arguing with mum that her ankle pain is due to osteoarthritis but she keeps on saying its due to gardening lah , weather lah, the food lah.


A lil bit bout the KL convocation that I am planning. Met up with the banquet manager to discuss some details. Didnt knew I have to think about the color theme too.

Table cloth wat color sir?

Runner wat color ? (I didnt knew what the heck is a runner before this)

Drapes? wan arh?

Chair and ribbon wat color ar ?

Now scratching my head to look for scrolls, robes. Anyone know where I can find these? Looked up yellow pages d. Cant find any.

Stress Stress stress
Blog visitor getting lower, I think its time to stop. I’ve been blogging for the last 1-2 years. Should be enuf d. Cukup lah..

Another random thing is bout my SPA interview for my housmanship

Guess what they ask? The interview panel consist of a SPA officer and a doctor from KKM.

The SPA officer started the interview with some questions about myself and my university.

Then , he asked…

What is the full name of ASEAN….luckily i knew. ( now i knew why i pengajian am in Form6 is important. hehe)

Then he asked, which are the first few founding countries of ASEAN , and what is ASEAN +3 . Also luckily i knew.

Next came questions like. Who is the health minister?

I thought this would be my lucky day. Easy question.

I replied..Datok Seri………..

NO! , the interviewer halted me.


Oh yes , of course. My bad. YANG BERHORMAT, DATOK SERI LTL.

Then what else ar? some other random questions about the ministry and their vision.

Ok lah

The “kembang” moment is when the SPA officer passed the interview to the KKM doctor and she said…

“you presented yourself well, I have no further questions for you”


Cuti-cuti Malaysia 2.0

Went to Ipoh recently to visit my grandparents.

On the way to Taiping, I manage to stop by Bkt Gantang to check out their food fair and their latest buzz in town.

“RM7.90 for all you can eat DURIAN”

Here is a pic of dodol in the making